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Implant Supported Dentures
Aurora, CO

A woman with implant supported dentures at Summerbrook Dental Group in Aurora, COMost people are aware of the dreaded traditional denture stories where they move and shift and slip in the patient’s mouth at the most inopportune time. For some, it makes it difficult to eat or even speak clearly. Many patients have to change their diet too because the dentures are softer than natural teeth and can become damaged by eating certain foods. All of those concerns can be alleviated by getting an overdenture. This type of denture is actually attached to dental implants which provide a great foundation for them. They do not require the messy adhesive either. Please contact our office at Summerbrook Dental Group with questions about dental implant-supported dentures. We are ready to answer your questions and to schedule your initial appointment.

Types of Implants

For dental implant-supported dentures, there are two different types of implants used. Which one best suits the patient’s needs will be determined during the assessment appointment. The great news is the assessment will take less than 15 minutes at a single appointment.

A commonly used implant type is the bar-retained denture. This utilizes a thin metal bar to be linked to the implant. Small metal clips link the denture to the permanent implant so they will not shift once placed in the mouth.

The second type of implant is known as a ball retained implant. Instead of a metal bar, small sockets are secured to the implant. The denture is then secured by clicking into the socket.

What Happens First?

It is important for patients to realize that implant-supported dentures require more than just one appointment to completely place. While this may frustrate some patients, the end result provides an excellent artificial tooth solution. Patients should also realize they will be given a temporary set of dentures while waiting for the implants to heal so they can worry less about their appearance.

What Is Involved?

A local anesthetic is all that is required for the patient to be comfortable for the procedure. They will be desensitized enough so they will be comfortable until the process is complete. A small cut is made along the gumline to expose the jawbone. This allows our professionals to place the implant into the bone. The incision is closed to allow for proper healing before the second stage can begin. Once the implant has fused completely with the bone, a cap will be placed on the implant before the actual placement of the crown occurs.

The Final Placement

The great news is that with modern-day technology, computer designed dentures are made to exacting specifications. This means they are made to perfectly fit the patient’s mouth. Unlike traditional dentures which are constantly being shaped and contoured multiple times to make them properly fit, the computer designed and manufactured dentures fit perfectly.

For those patients dealing with significant tooth loss and looking for an artificial tooth solution, implant-supported dentures could be the answer. Why not find out more at our office located at Summerbrook Dental Group. Call us today to schedule your appointment at 720-882-9988. We can also discuss any questions you have over the phone prior to your visit.
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Implant Supported Dentures - Dentist Aurora, CO - Summerbrook Dental Group
For those dealing with significant tooth loss and looking for an artificial tooth solution, implant-supported dentures could be the answer. Call Summerbrook Dental Group today!
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