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History of Dental Implants
Aurora, CO

Dental implant graphic at Summerbrook Dental Group in Aurora, CODentistry has seen a huge amount of change and improvement since its inception. Apparently, people have always been interested in keeping their oral abilities and their smiles at their best. Understanding the important role of our teeth has ensured that dental technologies keep seeing improvements. Dental implants have also come a long way to be one of the most effective and versatile restorative prosthetics. Our professionals at Summerbrook Dental Group recognize these progress as we acknowledge the history of dental implants.

Historical Background of Dental Implants

Dental implants have been in crude existence for as long as 4,000 years. Around that era, people used pegs taken from bamboo to replace missing teeth. These pegs were designed and carved in China, and were attached to the jawbone. A millennium later, a king in Egypt used a copper peg to fill the gap from a missing upper tooth. Even though this was placed after the king died, it led to other improvisation of implant technology. Around 2,000 years ago, many civilizations began using animal teeth to replace missing teeth. Archeologists have turned skulls that had artificial tooth-like replacements in them.

Notable Innovations and Designs

While scientists and researchers kept trying new things to achieve the perfect restorative solution, they kept having issues with what the human body could accommodate. The body continuously rejected most of the foreign materials that were tried as implants. Sometime in the 18th century, some attempts were made with a fusion of gold and alloy as materials for implants. Initially, they failed to yield favorable results, but they became the turning point for more productive results in the future.

After many doctors tried materials such as silver, porcelain or even platinum, they failed to integrate with the bone. In the early 1900’s, two doctor brothers named Moses and Akvin Strock attempted to use vitallium as implants. This resulted in fixtures that lasted longer than any other at the time, securing them a place in the hall of fame.

In 1952, Doctor Per-Ingvar Branemar made some amazing discoveries. He was an orthopedic surgeon and professor. He discovered how titanium chambers fused easily with the bones of a rabbit from one of his studies. Thus, he discovered osseointegration, and in 1965, he went on to place the first successful dental implant in a living patient, using titanium materials. The resulting implant lasted for 40 years.

Modern Day Implants

From that moment on, dental implants kept breaking new records with high success rates. Implants were tried in different shapes to suit different jawbone areas and guarantee durability. Newer technologies have also been employed to quicken the procedure and ensure precision from consultation to finish. Today implants have been entirely fine-tuned to produce esthetically pleasing results that also require low maintenance and guarantee longevity. Dental implants have come a long way, and are still seeing new enhancements to give patients their desired smile and restore their oral capacities.

To enjoy the many benefits of dental implants, let Summerbrook Dental Group replace your missing teeth with dental implants. Call us today at 720-882-9988 to learn more, or book your consultation.
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History of Dental Implants | Summerbrook Dental Group | Aurora CO
To enjoy the benefits of dental implants, let Summerbrook Dental Group replace your missing teeth with dental implants. Call us today to book your consultation.
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