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Dental Implants vs. Dentures
Aurora, CO

Man and woman smiling after dental work from Summerbrook Dental Group in Aurora, COLosing one or more teeth affects a lot of our oral functions. Patients with missing teeth face difficulties with eating and speaking, while also dealing with the possible loss of confidence from an incomplete smile. With dental restorative treatments like dental implants and dentures, patients can easily put these issues behind them. Dental implants and dentures are teeth replacing prosthetics suitable for different patients, so patients need to understand both completely to know if they are compatible.


Dentures are artificial teeth and gums designed to replace missing teeth. Dentures are usually used to replace an entire row of upper or lower teeth, or both rows in some cases. The artificial teeth are placed on an acrylic gum base, and securely held by a light metal frame underneath the gum base. Traditional dentures are usually designed to be removable, allowing patients to clean them regularly and store them safely at night.

To get dentures, our professionals will evaluate the patient. We will examine their oral health. If there is a need to remove damaged teeth or carry on any necessary treatment, such will be taken care of. With digital x-rays, we will take measurements of your jawline and mouth. This measurement will be used to create dentures that are customized to each patient.

What To Expect From Dentures

Dentures are generally affordable. Unless a patient wants fixed dentures, they do not require an invasive procedure. Also, they are fairly quick to get, as they require minimal to no healing period. While dentures are suitable for patients who have suffered bone loss, they do not aid the regeneration of bone density. Hence, they may require adjustments or even replacements as the years go by. Using them may start off uncomfortable in the first few days, but over time they become comfortable. Dentures require conscious daily upkeep, which is necessary for care of our oral health.

Dental Implants

In contrast to dentures, dental implants replace one whole single tooth at a time. A dental implant tooth replacement consists of three parts: a tiny titanium post which is placed in the jawbone through a surgical procedure, an abutment which is later connected to the post, and an artificial crown which is joined to the implant post through the abutment. Dental implants are placed in a surgical procedure that takes a couple of months to heal. The healing process is lengthened because the bone needs to integrate with the implant to form a strong and secure root.

What To Expect From Dental Implants

Dental implants are suitable to replace one tooth or as many teeth as a patient requires. The secure root ensures that the implants last a lifetime with possibly an occasional crown change. Dental implants are known as the most favorable tooth replacement option because of their many benefits. Implants ensure that your jawbone does not lose its density, as it continues to supply the stimulation needed for growth. Dental implants require minimal care, as keeping good oral hygiene and scheduled dental checks are all they need to last a lifetime.

If you still need more clarity about which of these options you may be a candidate for, our team of experts at Summerbrook Dental Group will be happy to help. Just reach out to us at 720-882-9988 for more information.
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Dental Implants Vs. Dentures | Summerbrook Dental Group | Aurora
If you need help deciding between dentures and dental implants, Summerbrook Dental Group will be happy to help. Just reach out to us for more information today.
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