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Benefits of Dental Implants

woman smiling after dental implants from Summerbrook Dental Group in Aurora, CO
Many patients have one or more missing teeth due to many reasons. They may have suffered dental trauma or injuries that led to loss of teeth. They could also have suffered tooth decay or damage to a tooth from illnesses, requiring a tooth extraction. Thankfully, replacing them with dental implants outweighs every other type of tooth replacement option with so many benefits. Patients who receive dental implants at Summerbrook Dental Group enjoy all of these benefits.

Bone Loss Prevention

This may be the biggest benefit that many other restorative options cannot provide. The jawbone requires the stimulation that is produced from the activity of our teeth to retain its density and shape. When a tooth falls out, it has serious effects on the jawbone. The stimulation from that tooth is lost and the jawbone begins to deteriorate in mass. If this is not rectified immediately, the jawbone will recede, resulting in a sunken appearance to the gums, oral muscles, and also facial muscle in that area. Dental implants help to avoid all of this as it simulates a complete tooth to restore vigor to the jawbone.

A Natural Finish

Since dental implants mimic a tooth, it is designed to look like your natural tooth. The shape and size of the crown is considered, down to the color shade of your surrounding teeth. So when it is finished, it sits well with your natural teeth, in a perfect blend to complete your perfect smile. Patients may even forget they have a dental implant, because of its pleasing esthetics.

Requires Minimal Care And Effort

Dental implants are very easy to care for. All they require is for you to keep up good oral hygiene, actively brushing and flossing as required daily. They do not require that you purchase additional items for care. Keeping up regular dental appointments also ensures their longevity.

They Can Last A Lifetime

Dental implants are deeply rooted in the jawbone, so they have no reason to develop faults or suffer wear. While the crowns may require an occasional change after several years, they do not suffer cavities. They remain healthy as long as you ensure that your mouth stays clean and healthy. This is why they are said to be a permanent replacement for missing teeth. Unlike other prosthetics that may require occasional change and replacement, dental implants stay with you for life.

Retain Your Natural Teeth

Many other prosthetics require that you either remove or alter some of the remaining healthy and natural teeth you have before you place them. Dental implants eliminate that. Since they are a complete standalone tooth, they do not require any modification of surrounding teeth. Moreover, they also help to keep your adjacent teeth aligned. Dental implants restore the support that a missing tooth may have taken away from adjacent teeth.
Dental implants may just be the perfect solution to your missing tooth. Do not hesitate about it. Speak to our professionals at Summerbrook Dental Group today, by calling our office at 720-882-9988 to learn if you are a suitable recipient for dental implants.
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Benefits of Dental Implants | Summerbrook Dental | dental implants Aurora
Patients who receive dental implants at Summerbrook Dental Group enjoy all of these benefits.
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